50-year-old woman stabbed to death in random NYC attack: cops

A 50-year-old Brooklyn woman was stabbed to death in a horrifying random attack as she walked to work over the weekend, authorities and police sources said. 

Dorothy Clarke-Rozier was on Albany Avenue near Farragut Road in East Flatbush just after 5:30 a.m. Sunday — heading to her job at a nearby Pathmark — when Anthony Wilson, 34, suddenly used a long knife to stab her in the back without provocation, according to prosecutors and the sources. 

“He had no connection to her at all. It was random,” a police source said of the horrifying attack. “He was a stranger to her. No relation.”

Clarke-Rozier was rushed to the Kings County Hospital Center, where she was pronounced dead. 

She was not even supposed to be working the day of her attack, according to her heartbroken sister Myrtle Clarke-Avis, who told CBS New York she was covering a 6 a.m. shift. 

Despite her grave injuries, she managed run to her place of employment, her sister said. 

“[A worker] said Dorothy was actually running until she got slow and then she came up to them with a slow speech and said, ‘Oh, somebody assault me, I’m hot, I’m cold,’ and she collapsed right there,” she said.


Dorothy Clarke-Rozier.
Anthony Wilson allegedly used a long knife to stab Dorothy Clarke-Rozier in the back.
CBS2 New York
Dorothy Clarke-Rozier.
Dorothy Clarke-Rozier was an aspiring nurse who moved to the US three years ago from Jamaica.
CBS2 New York

Wilson was busted a day later and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, cops said. 

He “gave incoherent statements” when he was interviewed, leading investigators to believe he was inebriated, according to the police source. 

Sources also described him as an “emotionally disturbed person” off his medication. 

Dorothy Clarke-Rozier managed to run to her Pathmark store for help after being stabbed, collapsing in front of a coworker.
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Wilson was ordered held without bail during his arraignment and required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, prosecutors said.

He is set to reappear in court on April 8, records show. 

“I want him to rot in prison, because I’ll never see my sister again,” Clarke-Avis told the outlet. 

Clarke-Rozier was an aspiring nurse who moved to the US three years ago from Jamaica and has a 24-year-old son, her sister told the station. 

“She’s friendly, loving and kind, you know?” Clarke-Avis said. “She had big dreams, but all her dreams have been shattered.” 

Wilson has a single prior arrest, for aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle in 2007, police said.

Myrtle Clarke-Avis.
Clarke-Avis said she wants Wilson to “rot in prison.”
CBS2 New York

Married couple Sean and Sharon Wilson, who live across from the Pathmark where Clark-Rozier worked, told the Post Wednesday that they are concerned about the recent violence in the area.

“Crime has gradually been getting worse and worse,” said Sean, 54. “There are a lot more emotionally disturbed people around. We’re gradually seeing more and more people around that we’ve never seen before.”

“Just like the price of groceries, crime has gone up,” he added. “We’re more concerned about our safety. I tell my wife to be cognizant of her surroundings, especially when the sun goes down.”

Sharon, 40, said the crime has “been far worse since the pandemic began.”

“There are lots of strange people walking around here in the morning,” she said. “It’s not a safe area anymore. I’ve lived here since 2012 and crime is by far the worst it has been in that time.”

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