Hamptons artist struggles to boot house guest turned squatter

She put out the welcome mat — and had the rug pulled out from under her.

A Hamptons artist claims a temporary house guest turned into a squatter who has refused to leave her Bridgehampton home for more than a year.

Lynn Matsuoka, a painter and author who was once married to a sumo wrestler, says alleged interloper Gregg Solomon even forced her to cancel a desperately needed knee surgery and allegedly threatens her with violent outbursts whenever she demands he leave.

The homeowner says Solomon takes full advantage of the state’s eviction moratorium and pandemic protections despite never actually being her tenant.

He is “a parasite,” said Matsuoka, 75.

Gregg Solomon
Gregg Solomon is allegedly squatting in Lynn Matsuoka’s house.

“I would tell him, ‘You have to get out,’ and he would scream at me. It was ear-splitting. He would lunge at me with his finger in my face but he never makes contact,” she said.

She’s given Solomon several eviction notices. He claimed COVID-19 financial hardship, and has even applied for emergency rental assistance from the state — which has indefinitely put the brakes on any attempt to evict him, Matsuoka’s lawyer said.

Tora Matsuoka, AND MOM Lynn Matsuoka
Tora Matsuoka and his mom Lynn Matsuoka

Judges won’t even listen to an eviction case until a person’s rental assistance application is decided, said attorney James Vlahadamis.

It doesn’t seem to matter that Matsuoka never asked Solomon for rent.

“Where’s the remedy to a woman like this, who is getting screwed over by the system at 75-years-old?” the lawyer said. “She’s in almost the worst scenario she can be in under the law.”

Solomon allegedly needed a place to go for just a month when a mutual acquaintance suggested he stay with Matsuoka in September 2020. She agreed, asking only for a one-time $500 deposit for utilities and potential damages. He instead gave her $1,000, she said.

Solomon ultimately forked over a total of $4,000 but never left, and quickly stopped paying. He went from “soft spoken and charming” to “bellowing [and] screeching” whenever she told him to get out, Matsuoka told The Post.

“He’s like ‘Jekyll and Hyde,’” she said.

She was forced to cancel an April knee surgery because Solomon is occupying the first floor bedroom she needs for her recuperation. Her health has since gone quickly downhill, with constant pain, rising blood pressure, lost weight and mobility issues, Matsuoka said.

This house belonging to Lynn Matsuoka is in Bridgehampton, New York.
Lynn Matsuoka’s Bridgehampton, New York house.
Doug Kuntz

Matsuoka and Solomon have each called Southhampton cops multiple times, but no arrests have been made — and officers told Matsuoka they cannot remove Solomon because he’s been in her home more than 30 days, giving him squatter’s rights, she said.

Gregg Solomon
Gregg Solomon cheekily demanded a hefty payout of $20,000 to $30,000 to leave, according to Matsuoka’s son.

“He’s a con man. They come off as charming and nice but he’s full of crap,” she said. “He walks in and out of here with impunity, like he owns the place.”

The apparently unemployed Solomon — who initially showed up with nothing but a Citarella shopping bag and a large rug — cheekily demanded a hefty payout of $20,000 to $30,000 to leave, said Matsuoka’s son, Tora, who runs the popular Sen Sag Harbor restaurant.

And it isn’t the first time, claims Lynn, who says she knows at least two others who paid Solomon to leave their homes.

“It seems like a good schtick for a hustler. He lives in old women’s homes til they can’t get him out and then they pay him,” Tora Matsuoka told The Post.

Solomon could not immediately be reached for comment.

Southhampton police didn’t respond to a call for comment. Matsuoka, who now sleeps with her bedroom door locked, claims an investigator from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office also took no action.

“He’s broken something in me,” she said of Solomon. “I have to get him out of here of here or I’m going to die.”

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