Herschel Walker’s son reacts to rising gas prices in the United States: ‘This is Joe Biden for you’

Christian Walker, son of retired NFL star Herschel Walker, went viral for his reaction to filling up his car with gasoline. 

Walker’s son shared his spirited reaction to his gas bill on Saturday, which climbed to $98.37 after he filled up his tank with around 20.9 gallons.  He posted a series of photos at the gas pump with a collection of his tweets emphasizing the issue. As he shared his serious reaction to the high prices on social media, Walker was also wearing a black Givenchy sweatshirt, which is listed as $1,295 on the company’s site

“OKAY THIS ISNT FUNNY ANYMORE,” Walker captioned the Instagram post. “$98??? While Joe takes his afternoon naps and vacations at his beach house, GAS PRICES AND INFLATION ARE SOARING. I hope everyone who voted against ‘mean tweets’ and for cliches like ‘unity’ is taking 5 minutes to think about their actions. Do better next time. Americans shouldn’t have to spend a billion dollars to get to work in the morning.” 

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In response to Walker’s reactions to the gas prices, several people commented on his clothing choice and mocked him for his reaction to the issue. His discussion on political issues comes as no surprise since his father decided to run for U.S. Senator in Georgia. Walker is currently backed by former President Donald Trump and the Republican party. Christian is known to express his opinions on President Joe Biden.

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Christian tweeted in response to some of the reactions on Twitter, and re-shared some of the videos discussing the issue. He claimed that his clothing choice has no connection to the issues that, “working class Americans are struggling with.” He also shared his own personal experiences with hardships in his family before saying, “sorry that you’re jealous. Work harder.” 

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